• “Travel is personal, and it is all about stories.”

  • “The bouncers were bigger than the Himalayas”

  • “Suddenly the guide goes ‘a 100 people died here”

  • “Before I knew it, all the oxygen masks dropped down. And the flight starts going down...”

  • “There’s nothing more uplifting than travel”

  • “I was THIS close to the whale”

Its all about the stories

The Lime Diaries, curated by Byond Travel, rediscovers the lost art of storytelling with travellers sharing unforgettable and often humorous anecdotes from the road. It brings together a like-minded community of travellers, people curious about the world around us and with a passion to listen to stories, drink some beer, learn from each other and laugh together.

“If we were meant to stay in one place, we'd have roots instead of feet.”

- Rachel Wolchin -

The Lime Diaries Collective

LD Episodes

From chasing polar bears in the North Pole to getting arrested in Tibet, these videos will give you plenty of inspiration to hit the road for an adventure

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Vasundhara Das

Songs of Columbia

Deepthi Chandramowli

The hitchhikers guide to SE Asia

Varun Backliwal

Getting arrested in Tibet

Mauktik Kulkarni

In Norway, Chasing Death at the Edge of Heaven

Shoma Bakre

Tracing Roots in Bangladesh

Som Singh

Adventures of a Lady in a Gentleman's Club- New York

Bhaskar Krishnamurthy

A wanderer in the Amazon.

Madhava Reddy

Encounters with hammerhead sharks .

Ajay Reddy

Hitchhiking across the North-East.

Lourd Vijay

Weekend trips just aren't what they used to be.

Anil Srivatsa

The great ride up north.

Mahesh Murthy


James Crabtree

The Tatas & the tigers

Suhel Seth

Making your travels memorable

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